Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

Dear Nicepage Users and Followers!

We are thankful to all Nicepage community members for a wonderful, nevertheless rather challenging year. We have made considerable improvements, getting Nicepage closer to the goal of being the best website builder. Your support, feedback, and trust always help us to reach new heights.


What's New in This Update?

  • HTML Blog (Beta)
    • Adding Posts to HTML Blog
    • Managing HTML Posts
    • Showing Blog Posts in HTML
    • Using Post Template for Posts
    • Linking to Blog Post
  • Product Templates
    • Sidebar on Product Templates
    • Pagination on Product Templates
  • Rich Text
    • Image Alignment
    • Adding Image from Add Elements
    • Dragging Image Into Rich Text
    • Context Toolbar for Selected Text and Image
  • Getting Started Tutorial: Move Image Step
  • New Block and Template Designs

HTML Blog (Beta)

We are coming closer to our users who use only HTML. It may also be useful for prototyping and other projects, which do not require WordPress and Joomla.

What Is Done

  • Adding Posts
  • Managing Posts
  • Adding Blog Posts to Pages
  • Using Post Template as a layout for HTML Posts

What Is Planned

  • Using Blog Template as a layout for the HTML Blog
  • Exporting Posts to WordPress and Joomla


Adding Posts to HTML Blog

You can add the new Blog Post from the Add Elements Menu. We have used the Rich Text Editor for editing Blog Posts.


Managing HTML Posts

You can add articles to show in the Blog Post Element on a Page.


Showing Blog Posts in HTML

You can use the Blog Posts Element in a Block of an existing page, such as Home, or a new page. We are working on a special Blog page, so it is available for adding to HTML sites.


The following example shows how Posts will look on a website.


Post Template for HTML Posts

You can edit the layout for your HTML Posts by customizing the Theme -> Post Template.


The exported posts use the layout of the Post Template, for example.


HTML Blog Folder

The HTML Posts are exported to the Blog folder in the exported folder.


Linking to Blog Post

You can also link to HTML Posts in the Edit Link Dialog and Site Menu.


Product Templates

Sidebar on Product Templates

We have added the Sidebar Element to Product List, Product Details, and Shopping Cart Templates per multiple user requests.


Pagination on Product Templates

You can add the Pagination for the Add Elements Menu.


Rich Text

Image Alignment

We have changed the Alignment for the Image added to the Rich Text Element.


Adding Image from Add Elements

We have implemented the addition of an Image to the Rich Text Element from the Add Elements list.


Dragging Image Into Rich Text

We have also supported the dragging of an Image into the Rich Text Element.


Context Toolbar for Selected Text and Image

We have added the Context Toolbar for the selected Text.


We have also used the standard Context Toolbar on Images in the Rich Text Element.


Getting Started Interactive Tutorial: Move Image Step

Many new users got confused with the Image Moving Step of our Getting Started Interactive Tutorial. Therefore we have changed it, making this step more intuitive.


Work in Progress

  • We are continuing to improve the HTML Blog.

Fixed Issues

  • Blog / Hide rows for WordPress and Joomla
  • Interactive tutorial wording for the step for adding Text
  • Exception while pasting styles with gradient background for the Group
  • Empty list of PDF files in the Edit Link Dialog
  • Duplicate Page led to passing to the Dashboard
  • Aligning texts in the Gallery Element
  • Misplacing of the Rich Element in the Editor while resizing
  • Desktop / Export as Project saved attachment to the Images folder
  • Joomla: RSForm 7 did not work with the Nicepage template
  • +/- button did not work on the Shopping Cart Template
  • Block anchor links in the Menu
  • Hidden products in WordPress's WooCommerce
  • Video playback in the preview after exporting to HTML
  • Difference in Table Cell Height in the Editor and Preview
  • Heading Style in the Rich Text Element added to the List Repeater Element
  • Undoing and redoing for the Rich Text Element
  • Submitting Contact Form in the Modal Popup Dialog
  • Non-working Edit Link dialog in Joomla
  • Number of columns and rows for the Image Gallery Element
  • Removing Add Image icons for Text Element's Toolbar

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs up to this update.