What's New in This Update?

  • Off-Canvas Submenu With Reloading
  • Rich Text: Image Wrapping Changes
  • Rich Text: Text Styles and Properties
  • Rich Text: Undo and Redo
  • Header Overlap Background
  • Grouping of Blog and Products in Add Elements
  • Text Quick Editing
  • Quick Access to Header Over Block
  • 6000+ Block and Page Designs

Off-Canvas Panel: Open Submenu With Reloading

We have added the Submenu Level with Reloading option for the Menu in the Off-Canvas Panel per multiple user requests.


Rich Text

Image Wrapping Changes for Rich Text

We have simplified the Image Wrapping for the Rich Text Element.


Text Properties for Rich Text

We have added the Text Properties for the Rich Text Element.


Text Styles for Rich Text

You can also select and modify Text Styles while using the Rich Text Element.


Undo and Redo for Rich Text

We have supported the Undo and Redo operations for the Rich Text Element.


Grouping of Blog and Products in Add Elements

We saw that many users had difficulties finding and working with the Blog and Product Elements and Templates.

Grouping Product Elements and Templates

We have grouped the Elements and Templates related to the Products. We have also added the relevant links to the Articles in the Documentation.


Grouping Blog Elements and Templates

We did a similar grouping for the Blog Elements and Templates. We have also added the links to the Blog Documentation.


Background of Header With Overlapping

We saw that the previous behavior was difficult to understand. We have added the selector to set the background color or gradient for the Header With Overlapping, which was not supported before.

Now you can use two different backgrounds. One is for the Header Background property, and another is the Header Overlap Background for the current page only.


Quick Access to Header Over Block

We still see the issues with locating the Header Over Block feature. Therefore, we have added the Header Over Block Icon to the Block Sidebar.

Now you can see if the Header Overlaps is on without checking the property.


Text Quick Editing

We have changed the behavior of clicking and double-clicking on the Text Element.

Selecting Text by Clicking

Now, if the text is new, the click selects the whole text in the Text Element.


If you had changed the Text, then if you click the Text Element, you will start editing the Text. Before, it was selecting the whole text.


If you double-click the Text, you will select a word.


Button Toolbar

We saw that many users had difficulties in finding coloring properties for the Button Element. Therefore, we have added the Background Color, Border Color, and Text Color properties to the Button Toolbar.


Product Documentation

We have added the new pages for the Products Elelement. You can learn more about Product List, Product Details, Shopping Cart icon Elements, and Product List Template, Product Details Template, and Shopping Cart Template, and used Product Elements.

Work in Progress

  • We are continuing to work on the HTML Blog.

Fixed Issues

  • WP: Not working Add to cart
  • Inserting a Group into Group
  • Dragging and Image from Add Elements list
  • Control Frames overlapping the cursor in Text and Rich Text Elements
  • Block Anchor links in the Preview
  • Grid Cell Resizing in the Mobile Views
  • Image cropping and resizing
  • Collapsed button indents in the Mobile Views
  • Alignment for Forms in the Modal Popups
  • Form Label Alignment
  • Item Height of the List Repeater after reducing the number of Rows
  • Adding the "#" symbol to the Menu Items URLs
  • Group Height after applying the Alignment
  • Positioning while adding a Line into a Block
  • Uploading of an SVG logo
  • Misplacing Elements while using the Middle Alignment
  • Copying and pasting of the multi-selected Elements
  • List Repeater Width after adding Columns
  • List Repeater layout in the Responsive Modes
  • Rectangle misplaying and moving after switching the Responsive Modes
  • Shape misplacing in the Responsive Modes
  • Showing Texts for the Gallery's Image Thumbnails Layout in the Lightbox
  • Hide on Devices property for the Modal Popup
  • Misplacing after snapping by the Lower Magnetic Guide for the Block
  • Moving Group below the image in the Phone View
  • Extra Group Element in a Modal Popup
  • Text on Second Button on the Product List Element
  • WordPress: coloring of the Menu States
  • Lazy Loading option for videos
  • Blurring Text in the Rich Text Element
  • Empty Header Row in the Table Element in some projects
  • Subitem Icon while adding another Subitem
  • Overlapping the Sidebar by the Context Menu
  • Misplacing while aligning with the Magnetic Guides by the Padding Line

6000+ Block and Page Designs

We have created over 6000 new block and page designs up to this update.