What's New in This Update?

  • New Edit Content Mode
  • New Product Tabs Element
  • Hiding Property Panel
  • Links to Blocks from Any Page
  • Duplicate Page to Any Project
  • Sheet Area Line Through All Page Blocks
  • Add Element Menu Optimized for Safari
  • New Block and Template Designs


Edit Content Mode (Beta)

Creating web pages consists of designing elements and editing content. Design involves adding, moving, and deleting elements, changing sizes, positions, etc. Then you edit texts and change images. We have added the Edit Content Mode to simplify the content editing and minimize mismoves and extra clicks. In the Edit Content Mode, you can select the text in one click.

Moreover, many of our Pro and Ultimate users voted for the Edit Content Mode in WordPress and Joomla to limit their customers from making changes in page designs allowing only content editing. We will release this feature in one of the nearest updates.


Product Tabs

We have added the new Product Tab Element for the Product Details Template for online stores built on WooCommerce and VirtueMart.


Hiding Property Panel

You can now hide the Property Panel by clicking on the Arrow Icon or pressing the CTRL (CMD) + ] keys.


Links to Blocks from Any Page

Now you can link to Blocks throughout the website by selecting a Page in the Block Link option in the Link Settings dialog. Before, you could build only one-page websites and could not link to blocks from page to page.


Duplicate Page to Any Project

While duplicating a page, we have added a dialog to rename and select the destination Project on your dashboard.


Sheet Area Line Through All Page Blocks

We have noticed that users neglected the Sheet Area Line. Therefore we have made the Sheet Area Dashed Line visible through the whole page, not for a single Block like before.


Multiselect in Outline

Now the Outline Mode shows the selection of several Elements.


Add Element to Rounded Rectangle

Now we have added the display of the round plus icon to Add Elements for the Rounded Rectangle.


When you move an Element over the Rounded Rectangle, there is the same Best Practice dialog offering to convert the Element to a Group. The behavior is similar to the Rectangle without rounded corners.


Add Element Menu Optimized for Safari

We have optimized the display of the Add Elements Menu for Safari.

Work in Progress

  1. We are continuing to work on the Product List Sorting and Filtering.
  2. We are also working on the Rich Text / Article Element for creating long-read articles.
  3. As mentioned above, we will add the Edit Content Mode role to prevent design changes by Pro and Ultimate users' customers who use WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension.

Fixed Issues

In this update we have spent more time on issues, releases less features than usually.

  • Crashing in some cases while clicking on the Add Element context button
  • Crashing while selecting the Fill for the Off-Canvas Panel in the Context Toolbar
  • Crashing while adding links to the EU Cookies Popup
  • Crashing while flipping a PNG icon vertically
  • Not showing the Additional Options of Spacing the Grid Сells
  • Assigning of the lastly used Google Font while adding a new Text
  • Crashing in some situations while checking the free disk space for the Desktop Application
  • Resetting of the Element transferring in the Tablet Mode while changing the vertical Alignment for the Desktop
  • Misplaying the Logo while changing the Header Height
  • Sometimes, the Off-Canvas Menu did not stretch to the Full Height
  • Removed several links to nicepage.com in the Site Settings for the White Label
  • Sometimes, the Properties Panel overlapped the open popup with colors
  • Sometimes, the Text Width was reset to 0 while changing the Alignment
  • Sometimes, the Grid stretched to the Block Height fell out to the Block Width in the Phone Mode
  • Sometimes, it was impossible to reduce the Height for the List Repeater Items while resizing the List Element
  • Sometimes, the Context Menu was not fully hidden while editing a Theme
  • Sometimes, it was impossible to change the Properties for the Full-Width Slider after several clicks on the Slider arrows
  • Impossible to always change the List Repeater Element Properties in the Responsive Modes
  • Joomla: Slider shortcodes didn't work while choosing the Nicepage Header and Footer Template
  • Joomla: long article saving time by the Nicepage Extension for some Joomla Server configurations
  • Joomla: not replacing the Articles with Slider while importing the content
  • WordPress: a click on the Shopping Cart Icon did not always work near the Menu
  • WordPress: not displaying images for the duplicated page

Block and Page Designs

We have created new block and page designs for this update.