What's New

  • New Video: Menu Demo
  • New Language Translations for the Nicepage User Interface
  • New Container Options
  • New Site Designs
  • Bug Fixes and New Features


New Demo Video: How to use the Menu

Menu in Nicepage      

How to use the Menu in Nicepage

We get many requests on how to export a project with the Menu, and then to make it work in WordPress or Joomla. This demo shows how to do that in Nicepage, and that is done easily.
Improting to WordPress      

Importing the Menu to WordPress

This video explains how to export a theme with the Menu created in Nicepage, and then import it into WordPress.
Improting to Joomla      

Importing the Menu to Joomla

This video explains how to export a theme with the Menu created in Nicepage, and then import it into Joomla.

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New Language Translations are now available

Added: Italian, Spanish, and Nederlands translations for the Nicepage User Interface


Feature Videos

Container Paddings and Text Box Top Margins


New Features and Bug Fixes

  • Container Paddings


  • Top Margin for the Text Box


  • Support for the Section Height in numerical values . CSS units like vh, vw are now supported.


  • Image Background for the Page


  • Integration of Billion Photos
    Upcoming Features: Size Selection, and Download/Apply Feature


  • Left Panel: Added the Right-Click Context Menu


  • Improvements for the Export Dialog :

    • You can now choose the way you export your project: as a ZIP file or as a FOLDER with files;
    • Simplified the Export Options


  • Project Folder


  • Favicon Property is now available


  • Added the support for the Edge Browser in the Preview option


  • Fixed the issue with the Three-Column Grid Layout in the Tablet Mode


  • Menu: Fixed the problem with the Responsive Menu;
  • Video: Fixed the issue with playing videos on the iPhone;
  • Video: Fixed the issue with the Autoplay. Now the Mute is enabled by default, so videos can play automatically.


  • Fixed the Image Renaming issue. Now images have the same name as uploaded;
  • Fixed the Joomla Extension 500 Error;
  • Fixed the bug with showing the Metadata from databases;
  • Fixed the problem with cutting of long paragraphs in the Blog Templates;

  • Page Preview for Joomla


  • Joomla: Fixed the issue with the Blank Preview;

  • Joomla: Fixed the issue with imported menus;
  • The compatibility with the Jetpack Extension is fixed.

  • Added the Security Warning
    This warning is shown if the website and its Administration part use different protocols (http, https):


New Site Designs

Continued adding many new site designs every day!

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